Most amazing swim coach ever

Just in case your swim isn’t perfect, or perhaps you can’t swim at all, here is number and contact from most amazing swim coach ever: Theresa Trinka-Hoard (206) 226-3130.

Theresa thought me swim crawl this summer from scratch! She sped up and made easier Nikolay’s swim, she improved Bartek’s swim, and Victoria had a so far just one helpful (right before her tri) lesson with her.

Time spent with Theresa goes long ways. Swimming is amazing, after you (your body) gets it, the only breathless thing is the fact that it can actually be done smooth and with ease! 🙂

I am still slow, but I can swim now. Before I was doing whatever, thinking that I swim, and feeling like dying at all times. Haha 🙂 Anyhow, schedule with Theresa your swim tune up, if you wish! She holds group and solo lessons, btw.